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PNL Tools Technical Services - Jump Start to Office 365

The Office 365 Jump Service provides the legwork and reduces the timescales and effort required for you to be able to make informed and intuitive decisions relating to an Office 365 migration.

To ensure a successful and trouble free migration from expensive legacy systems to the Microsoft 365 solution, we will undertake an extensive analysis and deign phase including Exchange, archives, documents, folders and permissions.  This initial phase provides the basis for the migration and ensures that your expections and benefits are realised by the migration to the cloud.

Please contact us using the enquiry form on the right hand side of this page to discuss requirements.

Scope of the service

Office 365 Jump Start Service

  • Information gathering
  • System preparation
  • Configuration and migration tools
  • Validation of configuration
  • Pre-stage/Staged migration
  • Cut-over
  • Validation


  • We will ensure that security, compliance and regulatory requirements are maintainable during migration and on the 365 platform.
  • Ensure a seamless migration with no downtime or interruption to applications.

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