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PNL Tools Technical Services - Active Directory Healthcheck

Active Directory Domain and Domain Name Services can severely affect network performance and greatly impact on user response and experience.  Simple changes to a Domain can affect its integrity, and it is important to be sure that problems aren’t replicated across the forest as maintenance is carried out.  This is especially critical before schema operations and domain migrations.  

The Active Directory Health Check is designed to ensure Microsoft ‘Best Practise’ and certify that the Domain services are configured to account for business requirements across the whole organisation.  User access and response times are improved dramatically through careful DNS, policy and global structure design.  

The health check is conducted by a senior Microsoft consultant who produces a comprehensive report and recommendations.  Following the health check we follow up with an on-site management and technical briefing to explain our recommendations and discuss the benefits that can be achieved.  

Please contact us using the enquiry from on the righ hand side of this page to discuss requirements.

Scope of Health Check

Active Directory Health Check / Audit

  • Forest / Domain Structure
  • Operation Master and Global Catalogs
  • Domain Controller configuration
  • Site topology and replication design
  • File replication service
  • Time service
  • Directory service performance
  • AD recovery

Network Services Health Check / Audit

  • Domain Name System (DNS)
  • Windows Internet Name Service (WINS)

Security and Group Policy Health Check / Audit

  • Password policies and Administration security design
  • Group policies

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