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WS_FTP Server

Unmatched Visibility and Control

  • Variety of file transfer options: WS_FTP Server modules and companion products give users a full variety of transfer options, including the Web Transfer module, the Ad Hoc Transfer module, and WS_FTP Professional.
  • Protocol Choice: Enable file transfers over FTP, SSH / SFTP, and SSL / FTPS (Implicit and Explicit).
  • Flexibility: Although the WS_FTP Server product is optimised to work with the WS_FTP Professional file transfer client, it also works with any desktop file transfer software.
  • Web Administration: Remote administration and management from any Internet connection.
  • Lock Files During Upload: Ensure version control by preventing different users from simultaneously uploading and downloading the same file.  File lock also prevents users from downloading a file before it's fully uploaded to the server.
  • Separation of Duties: Create host administrators who can only manage specified host.  Set default host- and user-level options once and have them automatically apply to all new users added to the host from that point on.
  • Permissions: Assign user or group permissions for uploading files, downloading files, deleting files, renaming files, and creating directories.  Users can be locked into their home folder so they can’t navigate outside of their home directory structure.
  • Usage limitations: Set limitations on storage space, file count, and bandwidth utilisation.
  • Automatic Restart: Automatically restart interrupted file transfers where they left off so users never lose valuable data because of a lost connection.
  • Automate Admin Tasks: Define rules to automatically delete files or disable unused user accounts'
  • Customised Messages: Display a customised message to connecting clients when they logon to the server.
  • Address Blocking: Server access controls and ability to block connections by IP address.
  • Virtual Folders: Grant virtual access to files so they can be shared by multiple users without knowledge that another user exists.
  • Firewall/Network Address Translations (NAT): Used to support for SSL connections.
  • Configurable IP Addresses: Configure IP address and ports for better performance with firewalls and NAT devices.
  • Supports Anonymous Users: Administrators can choose to make the server available to the public without having to create and maintain user accounts.
  • Customisable SITE commands: Administrators can create custom commands that FTP clients can issue to help manage the server and files.
  • Storage Utilisation Displayed to Connecting WS_FTP Professional Clients: Users connecting to WS_FTP Server with the WS_FTP Professional file transfer client get a real-time view of their server disk space utilisation.
  • Client-Server Logging: Capture all file transfer activities with ability to filter, sort, and export.  Filter allows you to narrow log data by user, client IP address, error message, and more.
  • Administration Logging: Keep an auditable record of server administrator actions with the ability to filter, sort, and export.
  • Real-time View of Client Connections: View client and server connections with ability to drop users or block IP addresses.
  • Notifications: Create rules that automatically trigger email, SMS, and pager alerts and launch external programs.
  • Monitor file transfer status: View real time status of file transfer.