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Restrict & Enforce User Logon to Workstation, Device or IP Address

UserLock allows you to control and restrict from where a user may logon.  Help secure user access to a Windows Server based network and mitigate the threat from compromised credentials.

Contextual access restrictions

UserLock enables IT teams to reduce their Windows network attack surface by restricting users logon to specific workstations, devices, IP range, department, floor or Organisational Unit.

Being able to restrict a user to being able to logon from only specific computers and devices helps implement and enforce any efficient access security policy for an organisation.  It reduces the number of computers or devices on which an account can be attacked or exploited, in the event of any users’ credentials being compromised.

Enforce User Logon Restrictions for an entire Group

Native Windows control does provide logon workstation restriction on a user-by-user basis but there is no way to do this by group for multiple users.  It requires restrictions to be configured on each individual computer or device.  UserLock allows restrictions to be centrally set for an entire group; saving time and helping IT teams implement effective and manageable login controls.

Required for any information system to comply with major regulatory constraints, UserLock applies this access rule to secure user access to the Windows Active Directory domain and help organisations get compliant.