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Privileged User Monitoring & Auditing

Settings, logs and policy rules can be secured for all UserLock�€ï¿½s privileged users.  Protect against bad or careless behavior by those who have administration rights and answer the needs for major regulatory compliance.

Secure privileged users

In addition to the risk of any malicious privileged user, privileged users pose great risks to an organisation because they are high-value targets to hackers and adversaries eager to penetrate a company�€ï¿½s defenses.

All modifications performed by UserLock privileged users are now stringently monitored, audited and archived in a Windows application event log.  Additionally an alert can be triggered for any setting or policy modification.

By verifying the trust given to privileged users, UserLock now goes further to help protect an organisation from insider threats and adhere to numerous best practices and regulatory requirements for privileged user monitoring

Delegating privileges in UserLock

UserLock 8 now offers further granularity when setting permission rights for privileged users.  Access to the different features is split on two privileges, �€ï¿½Read�€ï¿½ to display the section information and �€ï¿½Write�€ï¿½ which authorizes modifications.

In parallel with the new monitoring of all privilege user actions, this delegated administration feature allows organisations to extend the administration and management of UserLock across different trusted users.

Depending on the specific privileges assigned to the user, several operators can now manage UserLock and create and enforce policies to meet their business requirements and the changing needs of their organisation.

The securing of all system administrators actions ensures organisations can follow and audit the different modifications made by different users who have been granted permission rights to manage UserLock