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NetWrix Auditor

Complete visibility into who changed what, when and where and who has access to what in your IT infrastructure.

Netwrix Auditor provides complete visibility of IT changes and configurations from a single console.  Its unified platform enables you to answer who changed what, when and where for any system or application in the IT infrastructure - even when logs are not produced.




Netwrix Auditor is an affordable change and configuration auditing platform that streamlines compliance, strengthens security and simplifies root cause analysis across the entire IT infrastructure.  It enables complete visibility by auditing changes made to security, systems and data.

Netwrix Auditor provides complete visibility into IT infrastructure changes with:

Change auditing
Determine who changed what, when and where.

Configuration assessment
Analyze current and past configurations with state-in-time reports.

Predefined reports
Pass audits with more than 200 out of the box reports.

The Netwrix Auditor platform utilises an efficient, enterprise-grade architecture that consolidates audit data from multiple independent sources with agentless or lightweight, non-intrusive agent-based modes of operation and scalable two-tiered storage (file-based + SQL database) holding consolidated audit data for 10 years or more.

Key Benefits

Strengthens Security

Eliminates blind spots and makes it easy to identify changes that mismatch your corporate security policies thus helping you proactively detect suspicious user activity and prevent breaches.

Streamlines Compliance

Provides actionable audit data required to prove that the organisation’s IT compliance program adheres to PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOX, FISMA/NIST800-53, COBIT, ISO/IEC 27001 and other audits.

Optimises Operations

Relieves you of manual crawling through disparate array of event logs to get the answers to questions about who changed what, when and where and who has access to what in your IT infrastructure.

Helps detect and prevent breaches

of sensitive information by auditing changes to user content and permissions.

Helps overcome limitations of native auditing

and enhance SIEM by filling gaps and eliminating noise in audit data using AuditAssurance™ technology.  

Professional Services

Whether you are a new or existing customer, there may be times when you need some additional support.

Our range of professional services for NetWrix Auditor include:


Installation / Configuration

Installation / Configuration

Have NetWrix Auditor installed and configured by our fully trained and experienced engineers.



Receive official or bespoke training delivered to your requirements by our engineers.



If you don't feel comfortable conducting upgrades or lack resources, our fully trained and experienced engineers can undertake this for you.

Health Check

Review / Health Check

If you would like to review your needs and/or ensure your software is operating correctly, efficiently & securely.