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What's New / Release Information

Version 11.7 released 02/12/2015

Updated Active Directory Query Manager

The Active Directory Query Manager in Hyena has been extensively modified with a new GUI, and many new features to make even complex Active Directory tasks easier to manage. New features include:

  • Modified Layout - The new layout makes better use of screen space and allows resizing for viewing more information.
  • Sub-Menu Support - Up to three (3) levels of sub-menus can now be created, allows for better management of large query sets.
  • Menu Level Options - Queries can now be placed directly on the main context menu for easier and faster access to the most common queries you select.
  • Import and Export - Easily export queries to your co-workers and import queries created by others.
  • Query Library - A new library of dozens of directory queries can now be accessed and used as templates and examples. See below for more information.

Active Directory Query Library

Hyena's new 'Active Directory Query Library' contains dozens of pre-defined Active Directory queries that can be imported into the current directory query list, and further customized as needed. Many of the queries in the Library can be used to learn about the options and features of Hyena's query parameters, LDAP filtering, automatic date offsets, and more.

Other Hyena Changes

  • Moved the 'Select/Customize...' & 'View all Directory Attributes' options to the main context menu.

  • Fixed problem caused by custom account expiration displays (for example, showing --- for 'Never Expires') would result in crash when right clicking on the account expiration date due to the format not being an actual date.

  • Corrected problem with Special AD Symbols for group members.

  • Removed the multi-valued prefix when returning modified data to the right window after an Active Editor import.

  • Added new Advanced Setting, ShowDateTimeInTitleBar, for displaying the date/time in the main Hyena title bar.

  • Added a symbol to represent the current date, [TODAY], that can be placed into a custom query.

  • Increased custom tool limit to 290 tools.

  • Optimized the User 'View Logon Information' function to skip checking for the domain controlle'rs replication identifier when the option to find the originating source lockout server is not selected.

Update and Revision History

  • Rev 'B' (November 30, 2015) - Sorted the advanced settings (Tools > Settings > Advanced) by default by the name of the setting.

  • Rev 'B' (November 30, 2015) - Added a new symbol, %SYM_AD_GROUP_PARENT%, that can be added to group member queries to show the 'parent' group for indirect group displays.  This symbol is useful when nesting groups and showing group membership displays for multiple groups, so that the originating parent group can be added to the output.

  • Rev 'B' (November 30, 2015) - Corrected GUI issue when resizing AD Queries dialog that caused a couple of buttons to not be placed correctly.

  • Rev 'B' (November 30, 2015) - Modified the method used in Active Task to add new objects to groups, in some cases using the new objects' SID.

  • Rev 'B' (November 30, 2015) - Modified the error message when new objects can not be added to groups, to show both the group and member path.

  • Rev 'B' (November 30, 2015) - Created a workaround when updating share security information (Share Properties) when the server is a non-Windows filer (for example a NetApp device) to set the security permissions in a different manner.

  • Rev 'C' (January 7, 2016) - Added 'Find' button to Manage Directory Attributes function when a DN attribute was selected.

  • Rev 'C' (January 7, 2016) - Enabled scrolling on tree control in Exchange Properties > Email Addresses.

  • Rev 'C' (January 7, 2016) - Changed wording on Edit > Find dialog to better reflect the filtering behavior (English only).

  • Rev 'C' (January 7, 2016) - Fixed problem in Exchange Properties > Mail Restrictions dialog that caused the Send Limits to be hidden.

  • Exporter Pro (January 7, 2016) - Added option to export scheduled tasks for new task scheduler (Vista and later).

Version 11.5 released 21/05/2015

Windows 10 Compatible

Windows® 10 Compatible certification means this product met Microsoft testing requirements for compatibility with 64-bit and 32-bit Windows 10. To earn the "Windows 10 Compatible" logo, apps and devices must pass Microsoft-designed installation, performance, reliability and security tests so you can be sure these products are compatible with Windows 10. Hyena v11.5 has been tested to meet all of the technical requirements to be "Windows 10 Compatible".

New AD Management Functions

Hyena's support for Active Directory attribute administration, both individually and through both the Active Editor and Active Task components has been improved with new advanced features. The changes include new support for importing and updating Distinguished Name (DN) fields (such as 'Manager') without needing to specify a full DN value.

For Active Tasks, new 'Match' options control which directory attribute is used to lookup a matching record for easy DN retrieval. This same functionality is also available in the Active Editor, both interactively and when importing.

Updating Distinguished Name (DN) Attributes

For Active Tasks, new 'Match' options control which directory attribute is used to lookup a matching record for easy DN retrieval. This same functionality is also available in the Active Editor, both interactively and when importing.


When updating DN-formatted attributes in mass or when importing, constructing a valid DN is often not possible.

Hyena can update DN attributes by specifying an alternate attribute to match against, and then lookup the DN for the matching object. Using the previous example, if the 'SamAccountName' value for CN=Jane.Doe is 'JaneDoe', then by entering 'JaneDoe', Hyena will retrieve the associated DN for the directory object whose 'SamAccountName' = 'JaneDoe'. Hyena can use the CN, Name, SamAccountName, or DistinguishedName values when retrieving a matching object's DN. The alternate directory attribute to match against is configured as follows:

Active Editor - Use Tools > Settings > Active Editor and set the field to match against.

Active Task - Use the task Options > Match dialog to set the field to match against.

Hyena will ensure that a matching record exists, and that only one directory object has the matching value.

Also added were:

  • 'Copy to Clipboard' options have been added to facilitate keeping track of changes (Active Editor, Active Task).
  • Added support to modify multi-valued integer values (Manage Directory Attributes, Active Editor, Active Task).
  • Added support to modify octet string attributes in the Active Editor.
  • Added support to clear octet string attributes in Manage Directory Attributes function.

Improved Object Manager and Query Setup

One of the biggest changes to come to Hyena for some time is the change in the familiar File > Manage Object View menu option. All of the configuration controls in Hyena have been moved into separate dialogs, in order to facilitate resizing as well as upcoming new features. Changes include:

Object Manager - The Object Manager can still be accessed by selecting File > Manage Object View, or through the first toolbar button. The object manager now supports resizing as well.

Active Directory Queries - Management of AD queries has been moved to its own, resizable dialog as well. A new toolbar button (2nd from left) has also been added, as well as a menu option, File > Manage Active Directory Queries.

WMI - Administration of WMI queries has been moved to a menu option on both the main WMI node under any computer, or by right clicking on any WMI query class name. Also added were options to copy an existing WMI query and an option to sort WMI classes either automatically (alphabetically) or manually.

Performance - Management of performance queries can now be accessed by right clicking on the main 'Performance' object on any computer.

Other - The AD Custom Fields has been moved to Tools > Settings > Active Directory > "Custom Fields", and the Nodes dialog has been moved to a button on the Object Manager page.

New Advanced Settings

A large number of new advanced settings have been added in the v11.5 release:

AutoUpdateMailAttribute - This setting, added in v11.2, has been changed from true/false to an integer value. When the email addresses (stored in the AD attribute named 'proxyaddresses') are updated in the Exchange Management Console (EMC), the default SMTP address will be written to the 'mail' attribute. This setting was added to have options to mirror this EMC behavior in Hyena, with some additional functionality. Possible values:

0 - Do NOT update the 'mail' attribute when the default SMTP address is changed, without confirmation.

1 - Always update the 'mail' attribute when the default SMTP address is changed, without confirmation.

2 - (Default): Display a confirmation YES/NO dialog when the default SMTP addressed is changed asking if the 'mail' attribute should be updated to match. This dialog also allows this advanced setting to be set as well (ie turned off)

UseAdminShareOnShareShellProperties - This setting is mainly meant to assist users using Filers or NetApp devices to view the Explorer (shell) Properties dialog for shared objects. A share located at, for example, \\server\share_name can be accessed either through the share \share_name, or through the root admin share on the drive where the share is located (ie \\server\c$\shared_dir). Some network filer devices lack an admin share, access to the admin share, or very slow access to an admin share. By accessing a share and any directories under the share through the share itself, access to the admin share is not needed.

The default value for this setting is FALSE, meaning an admin share will be used for any Explorer (shell) properties dialogs.

Changing this setting to TRUE will force Hyena to use the share name in any Explorer (shell) dialogs or functions. A side-effect of changing this option to TRUE may be a different look to the Properties dialog due to Explorer's behavior.

The easiest way to see the effect of this setting is to right click on a shared directory (or subdirectory), and view the Properties of the shared folder. Observe the differences in the tabs and other features to determine which view is preferred, and if there is a performance impact.

AccountNeverExpiresIndicator - By default, Hyena will display a localized word for 'NEVER' when the 'AccountExpires' directory attribute is displayed for accounts that are set for non-expiration. Use this setting to control the phrase or characters used for 'Never Expires', ie "---", or enter a single space character to display nothing at all. An empty blank value will display the equivalent of 'NEVER' for accounts that never expire.

ShowNoProfileWarning - When the user profile manager is used when deleting users (Tools > Settings > User "Show User Profile Manager...), a warning is displayed if the user being deleted does not have any profile or home directory information. Set this setting to 'TRUE' or 'FALSE' is control the display of this popup warning. The warning that gets displayed also has an option to turn itself off, which will in turn set this advanced setting to 'False'.

ShowGlobalGroupExchangeMenu - Some Exchange installations that were migrated from earlier Exchange versions can have mail-enabled global groups. Set this setting to 'TRUE' to allow the Exchange menu to be displayed when right clicking on global groups. By default, Hyena will only show the Exchange functions menu for universal groups.

UseServerOnGroupMemberUpdates - This setting is used to force the name of the server into the group distinguished name paths when adding group members or 'member of' to groups. NOTE: Only enable this setting when directed by SystemTools support in order to attempt resolving "the server is unwilling to perform" errors.

UpdateRasThruAdAttributes - When attempting to manage RAS (dialin) settings using a Windows 7 or Windows 8 client, often errors such as "class not registered" will be encountered. This is due to a combination of configuration issues and missing or incorrect .dll files needed to update RAS settings. To workaround these issues, and avoid having to run Hyena directly on the server, this option can be enabled to directly change the underlying directory attributes related to RAS settings instead of going through a Microsoft API function. NOTE: Only enable this setting when directed by SystemTools support in order to attempt to resolve these errors.

ShowUnresolvedSharePermSids - Hyena will by default not show any unresolved SIDs when viewing share permissions in the right list window. Set this setting to 'TRUE' to display unresolved SIDs in the S-xxx-xxx format in the share permissions view. This setting has no effect when viewing the share properties.

Other changes to the advanced settings include making the default value TRUE for 'UseNetbiosOnTseFunctions', and adding the capability to sort the setting name or value.

Other Hyena Changes

  • Added %SYM_AD_GROUP_TYPE_ONLY% and %SYM_AD_GROUP_SCOPE_ONLY% symbols to AD symbol list. These new symbols can be used to respectively provide only the group type (Security or Distribution) or group scope (Local, Global, or Universal) in a single value. The AD 'GroupType' attribute includes both the group type and scope in a single value.

  • Changed the default behavior for new installations to use large toolbar buttons, full row selection, and grid lines in Hyena's right window displays.

  • Modified the wording on the group member and user group removal confirmation dialog to reflect that the group member was being removed and not that the group or user was going to be deleted.

  • Modified directory queries to format the attribute 'msds-user-account-computed' the same as the 'UserAccountControl' attribute.

  • Added new error message when a shared settings file cannot be found.

  • Added file and folder browse buttons to General and Report settings dialogs.

  • All Active Directory date attributes, including account expiration, can now use custom formatting settings, as controlled under the advanced settings 'DateFormatMask' and 'DateTimeFormatMask'.

  • All non-Active Directory date display fields, for example file dates, can now also use custom formatting settings.

  • Added support for Access-based Enumeration flag on the Share Properties dialog.

  • Modified the 'View NTFS Security' function to allow only processing a maximum directory depth.

  • The 'User Profile Manager' dialog will now optionally be displayed only once and can be set to perform the same action on all selected user accounts.

  • The 'View Logon Information' dialog has been modified with the following changes:

    • The dialog is now resizable.

    • Last logoff information has been removed (never used in Active Directory).

    • The date/time of the last bad password on each domain controller has been added.

    • The account lockout time on each domain controller has been added.

    • The domain controller that originated an account lockout has been added.

  • Created new menu option on the Exchange Functions menu to view the Exchange mailbox security descriptor ('msExchMailboxSecurityDescriptor').

  • When viewing share permissions, the error message when unresolved SIDs are encountered has been changed, and can be suppressed when viewing permissions on multiple shares.

  • When using the 'View Logon information' function on a directory object retrieved directly from an static OU object (no domain), the domain field will now be populated.

Update and Revision History

  • Rev 'E' (August 6, 2015) - Fixed problem in non-English versions when attempting to display the AD query builder dialog (Group Matrix and Active Task).

  • Rev 'E' (August 6, 2015) - Added an error message to be displayed when a template file could not be opened for reading.

  • Rev 'E' (August 6, 2015) - Added the object's server as a starting point to the domain selection when using the "Managed By" (Object tab) picker dialog.

  • Rev 'D' (June 5, 2015) - Fixed an issue with the sorting of dates where some dates off by one day would sort incorrectly (off by one day), due to internal numeric scaling issues.

  • Rev 'C' (May 12, 2015) - Fixed the mechanism to lookup the original source replicating server on the 'View Logon Information' dialog, and also optimized the View All Controllers function to not re-retrieve the domain controller list from the domain.

  • Rev 'C' (May 12, 2015) - Highlighted and added a workstation image to the last controller entry used for a user to logon (authenticate) to on the 'View Logon Information' dialog.

  • Rev 'C' (May 12, 2015) - Added new Advanced settings (Tools > Settings > Advanced), "DefaultFindForm", to allow control over the default 'form', or directory search, when using the 'Find' feature on AD containers and OUs.

Version 11 .2 released 20/11/2014

Active Task

Hyena's 'Active Task' feature, introduced in Hyena v11.0, has been extended to allow mass group updating when adding or updating Active Directory objects. Through the use of flexible templates, group members can now be added easily to new or existing users, computers, contacts, or other groups.

Also added were new options to manage task Validation Files, and improved validation file error reporting.

Other Improvements

  • A 'Search and Replace' feature has been added to the 'Active Editor'.
  • The 'Active Editor' can now optionally allow data to be processed that contains errors (after user confirmation).
  • When removing the last query for a WMI class, the WMI class name is removed from the query list.
  • 'Add Domain to View' function modified to only support Active Directory domains.
  • Added option to copy EVTX-based events to clipboard.
  • Removed the port identifier on the ADsServer field when looking at user properties to prevent errors.
  • Prevented the entry of spaces in the "other" directory attributes entry dialog.
  • Fixed empty field with the sort indicator when creating new AD queries.
  • Allowed showing/skipping inherited file permissions.
  • Added additional values to the 'MsExchRecipientDisplayType' values.
  • Fixed problem where "Save As" option on template would not enable OK button when clicking on existing template name.
  • Enabled the scheduled task and EVTX-based event functions to use the 'Logon As' credentials entered for a computer/server.