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Server and Workstation Management

Most of Hyena's features are built around server and computer administration.  With Hyena's multiple domain management layout, and the capability to build custom groups of objects such as servers and printers, Hyena can easily provide access to every aspect of server administration.

User Administration - Hyena can manage remote computer users on domains as well as individual workstations.  Hyena can also remotely change the password for the same account on multiple computers, or make group membership changes to multiple computers at the same time.

Viewing Computers - Hyena provides several different ways to view computers, whether in domains, in workgroups, or in user-defined groups.  Hyena can also filter domain lists by specific computer type (for example, Terminal Servers only), and can distinguish between computers that are online vs.  added to the domain computer listing.  Hyena can also access computers directly by tcp/ip address only, and can also provide access to a single computer's functions, so that the entire list does not have to be retrieved.  Hyena provides full management of computer objects, including creating, changing attributes, and removing from the domain list.

Hyena's computer Properties function can display a wealth of information about a remote system including installed software applications, total memory, video and BIOS information, network cards, tcp/ip and DNS information, remote time, server roles (print server, SQL Server, etc.), installed hotfixes, environment variables, and more.

Share, Directory, and File Administration - Hyena fully supports all aspects of file and directory administration on any remote computer, as well as the underlying shares.  All file and directory operations are performed through the shell.

Event Management - Hyena is integrated with the built-in Windows native event viewing tools.  Hyena also contains its own more powerful event viewing tool and supports all event viewing and management functions, including options to view multiple active or saved logs from multiple computers at the same time.  Hyena v9.0 and later versions also support the newer EVTX (Crimson) event log format.

Security - Hyena can manage remote computer account, audit policy, and user rights.  Share and file security are also accessible for any share or file/directory.

Performance Monitoring - Hyena can monitor the performance counters for any remote system through its built-in Performance management object.  User-customisable performance queries provide quick pre-defined access to dozens of performance areas including process, system, network, memory, disk, server, and more.  WMI - Without Hyena, if you want to utilise WMI you need to either learn scripting, or use one of Microsoft's free (and difficult to use) WMI utilities.  With Hyena, you can fully utilise the power of WMI, without the complexity.  And if you don't know what WMI can provide you, find out what you are missing !

Service Administration - Both service and device driver information can be managed remotely with Hyena.  Hyena also supports service startup modification and service installation for multiple computers at the same time.

Sessions and Open Files - Hyena can view all active sessions and open files for any server.  Sessions can be viewed across multiple computers at the same file.  Hyena can also view and manage Terminal Server sessions, as well as the associated processes.  Users of individual files can also be discovered with the Open By...  function.

Shutdown, Reboot, Wake Up ! - Hyena has the capability to shutdown and optionally reboot any computer or server.  Moreover, an administrator can perform a shutdown/reboot on multiple computers at the same time.  Hyena also supports remote wakeup (WOL) for any number of computers.

Disk Space - Hyena's disk space view provides for a simple yet powerful overview of the disk space information for any server or workstation.  Moreover, this same view can also be used on multiple computers at the same time, providing a fast and efficient way to monitor disk space across many computers.

Viewing Current Logons - Hyena can view the current interactive logons to any server or workstation.

Scheduled Job Administration - Hyena can manage (add, view, modify, and remove) scheduled jobs on individual servers or workstations.  Hyena can also view and add remote tasks to multiple computers at the same time.  Printers - Remote printer and print job management is supported in Hyena, as well as full printer property modifications, viewing and managing print jobs, and print queue operations.  Hyena can also display the print jobs from more than one printer at a time.

Registry - Hyena supports management of remote computer registry information, including registry navigation, creating new keys/values, key and value deletion, value renaming, saving keys, searching, and modification of value properties.  Hyena's registry search capabilities allow for searching over a wide array of search criteria.