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Service Administration

Most of the features in Windows are controlled by services, some of which operate under different logon accounts.  Stopping and starting services remotely and changing service startup accounts and passwords can become time consuming.  Performing these actions on a large set of computers can become a maintenance nightmare.  Hyena can manage services on any number of computers at the same time, plus perform service control and startup changes in mass.  Hyena's service administration features include:

  • Fast viewing and sorting of all service properties on any computer
  • Service control: start, stop, pause, continue, and restart
  • View service dependencies
  • Service installation on multiple computers
  • Service removal
  • Modify service properties
  • Control services on multiple computers at the same time
  • Change service startup information, including password, on multiple computers
  • Remote viewing of device drivers
  • Full support for Windows XP/200x service features, including Recovery options

Hyena's service administration features integrate with Hyena's reporting capabilities, and are part of Hyena's overall computer administration features.