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Printer and Print Job Management

As a Windows 20xx or Active Directory installation grows, so do the number of printers that are installed on print servers and individual workstations.  Unfortunately, the native Windows administration tools are not very good at managing remote printers.  Hyena was designed to overcome many of these limitations, and give system administrators and help desk staff better control over printers and print jobs.

As the image below shows, Hyena can display any printer, even non-shared printer, installed on any computer or server.  Additionally, Hyena can manage a printer that has been created as an Active Directory printer object in the same manner as non-AD printers created directly on a server or workstation.

Hyena's printer and job management functions include:

  • Listing printer information
  • Access to printer properties dialogs and desktop shell functions
  • Adding new remote printers
  • Viewing all print jobs from one or more printers at the same time with automatic refresh
  • Full print job control: pause, resume, restart, cancel
  • Full printer control: pause, resume, purge all print jobs
  • Deleting (removing) printers
  • Copying printer information from one computer to another

Hyena's printer and print job management integrates with Hyena's reporting capabilities, and is part of Hyena's overall server administration features.