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Disk and File Administration

Disk and file administration, including routine file management, shared resource administration, and disk space monitoring, is perhaps the most common task performed by system administrators.  Hyena excels in allowing system administrators full control over every disk and file related management task.

Routine Disk and File Administration

Hyena's tight integration with the Windows shell (Explorer) ensures safe and efficient routine disk and file operations, such as moving, deleting, and copying files and directories.  Hyena provides full access to every file and directory on any remote server or workstation with an easy-to-use Explorer-style view.  This compatibility extends throughout the entire Windows family from Windows NT through Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8.

Hyena's Open Files view and individual file Open By... options provide administrators with quick snapshots of open resources.  The directory Share As... option gives sharing capabilities to any selected directory.

Click here to see a full screen view of a typical file and directory view in Hyena.

Disk Space Management

Hyena's disk space view provides for a simple yet powerful overview of the disk space information for any server or workstation.  Moreover, this same view can also be used on multiple computers at the same time, providing a fast and efficient way to monitor disk space across many computers.

The disk space functions do not require any server agents to be installed, and can be customised for a variety of server configurations, including some non-Windows platforms.

As with all disk views, Hyena provides full access to the Explorer shell under all Windows versions.  Hyena's settings can be configured to display disk space information in a variety of formats.  And as always, this information can be copied to the clipboard, exported to delimited text files, or viewed on one of Hyena's many Microsoft Access-based reports.