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Importing with Hyena's 'Active Task'

Hyena's 'Active Task' feature supports updating and creating new Active Directory objects from a delimited text file.  Task settings and options are saved automatically, so repeated updates can be performed with minimal steps.  Most directory data types are supported, including text, numeric, true/false, multi-valued, and more.

Prior to executing the task, Hyena performs extensive validation of all input data, including checking string lengths against the AD schema.  In the example above, the EmployeeID field for a new user is too long, resulting in a validation error.  The input data can then be corrected, and revalidated before actually executiwriting the changes into the directory.

Hyena's Active Task includes many task options besides input data validation: Optional logging, several password options, user terminal server settings support, user photo importing, automatic home directory creation, and more.