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File & Folder Real-Time Access Monitoring

FileAudit keeps track over who has access to data is critical for most organisations.

Inappropriate access or changes to the file system, whether intentional or not, could put an organisation at risk of data loss, a security breach and non-compliance.

FileAudit monitors file access in real-time, making it easy to see what’s happening with company data so IT or management can take action when any inappropriate or suspicious activity is detected.

Monitoring Files and Folders that reside on Windows Systems

FileAudit monitors and shows in real-time the access (or access attempts) to sensitive files and folders across a Windows File System.

It provides a comprehensive, centralised, sortable list of access events (or access attempts) to paths you have selected:

  • read, write, delete accesses
  • file ownership changes
  • permission modifications

Each record details:

  • file path
  • access type (read, write, delete, execute, ownership, permissions)
  • status (granted/denied)
  • date and time of access
  • user
  • domain

for a:

  • file
  • selection of files
  • folder and subfolder
  • selection of folders and subfolders

File Monitoring Software that makes it easy to Track all Access to Data

This real-time information across your organisation makes it easy to see at a glance what’s happening with company data/information.

It significantly reduces the workload related to monitoring access to sensitive data and allows IT or management to respond instantly to emergency situations.

Manually monitoring and auditing file access (and access attempts) across Windows Servers is time-consuming and over-whelming.  Auditing in native Windows generates multiple entries for a single access event, making it difficult to find the important events and requires time and considerable skill to decipher the often cryptic text of Event Viewer.

FileAudit is an intuitive file monitoring software that makes it easy to see what’s happening with company data.  With a simple right click from the console, FileAudit instantly provides comprehensive and accurate information about access to sensitive files, folders and file shares that reside across Windows File Systems.

FileAudit does the work for you, so you can focus on more strategic IT issues and initiatives.