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File and FolderAccess Alerts

FileAudit e-mail alerts can be automatically and immediately triggered when specific access events are detected.

The events that trigger the alert can be defined, as can the recipient(s) and message content.  With FileAudit an organisation can instantly identify and remediate any access attempts that are not in line with their security and compliance policies.

Real Time Alerts on inappropriate Access Events

Real time alerts to predetermined events such as a file deletion, a denied access or monitoring a suspicious user, automatically triggers an email to selected recipients, enabling a quick reaction when necessary.

Alerts can be customised based on specific criteria, including:

  • File and Folder
  • User
  • Access Type
  • Recipient
  • Source

Different access types


A user tried to open a file in ‘Read’ mode


A user tried to modify a file or folder


A user tried to delete a file or folder


A user tried to execute and executable file


A user tried to take ownership of a file or folder


A user tried to change the permissions on the file or folder


An attempt to read or write the system access control list of the file.  Generally this event means simply that a user displayed the properties of a file using Windows Explorer.


Any other type of access event not defined as basic Windows events