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8MAN Features

A simple and complete overview of all permissions creates clarity!

How do I know who has access to what?

With 8MAN, companies get a simple, complete overview of all permissions - across all systems and locations.  This leaves no threat undiscovered, not even a recursion at permission level 35.

  • A central solution for all systems
  • Security in outsourcing situations
  • Recognize excessive permissions

8MAN documents everything!

Who accessed what documents when?

To what documents did "Bob Numbers" have access on 27/04/2015? All changes to user rights and group memberships are documented by 8MAN.  This includes any unauthorised access.  Security breaches can thus be quickly cleared up or even avoided.

  • Scan comparison shows the difference between different time points
  • create conditions for ISO certifications
  • provide quick answers on reviews and audits

Everything is traceable!

How can I make information available quickly and answer questions?

Being able to demonstrate IT compliance often takes weeks for IT staff.  With 8MAN, you can immediately answer many questions by auditors.  And not only that - auditors can even create reports themselves.

  • Who has access to what?
  • Was there unauthorised access?
  • Are there any recursions?

Intelligent search!

How can I quickly access individual pieces of information?

iSearch – the unique free-text search.  Whether a directory, attribute or group: 8MAN iSearch offers extensive configuration and application options.

  • Simple search through all elements
  • Search results can be directly managed
  • Browsing attributes, such as telephone numbers, is also possible

Compare permissions!

What can I do and what can I not do?

If two users hold similar functions, they should, as a rule, also receive the same access rights.  With 8MAN, simply compare user rights and identify incorrect permissions.

  • All rights of a user at a glance
  • Active Directory elements can be displayed by means of a multiple selection.  This allows for a direct comparison

Assign temporary permissions!

How do I deal with persons who should only get access rights for a short period of time?

Permissions and group memberships can be assigned with an expiration date.  This provides security in dealing with trainees, holiday cover, interns or even consultants.

  • Assign temporary rights without notes and manage safely
  • prevent excessive permissions and thus comply with the need-to-know principle
  • display flexible team structures

Provision users!

How can I always have the current situation in view?

Configure user accounts consistently and quickly! Whether it is a new system, rights or group changes, you always have the current situation in view with 8MAN.  You can perform and test changes centrally for all resources.

  • Easily create user accounts
  • specify start and expiration dates when creating new accounts

Professional Services

Whether you are a new or existing customer, there may be times when you need some additional support.

Our range of professional services for 8MAN include:


Installation / Configuration

Installation / Configuration

Have 8MAN installed and configured by our fully trained and experienced engineers.



Receive official or bespoke training delivered to your requirements by our engineers.



If you don't feel comfortable conducting upgrades or lack resources, our fully trained and experienced engineers can undertake this for you.

Health Check

Review / Health Check

If you would like to review your needs and/or ensure your software is operating correctly, efficiently & securely.