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File Server Monitoring

If anyone gains unauthorised access to your sensitive company data, you can now quickly and easily track this: The 8MATE FS Logga documents any changes made and any access to your file server.

For internal auditing and for the external auditor, 8MATE FS Logga creates clear and comprehensive reports.  These reports are customisable and can be generated in just a few clicks.

Comprehensive documentation and evaluation with extensive audits

Simply define the sensitive directories you want to have monitored and once selected, 8MATE FS Logga documents all activity and changes.  Through monitoring these file accesses, 8MATE FS Logga integrates seamlessly with the assignment of permissions with 8MAN and so adds an extra layer of checks and balances.

Detailed and secure

The 8MATE FS Logga logs any unauthorised accesses and changes to pre-defined folders and files on your file servers and then stores this information securely.

A strong team

In conjunction with 8MAN, the 8MATE FS Logga provides 100% transparency: Any unauthorised access detected by the 8MATE FS Logga can be simply and easily changed with 8MAN.

Audits? No problem!

The 8MATE FS Logga creates comprehensive reports which help you evaluate data and secure evidence in an instant.

Professional Services

Whether you are a new or existing customer, there may be times when you need some additional support.

Our range of professional services for 8MAN include:


Installation / Configuration

Installation / Configuration

Have 8MAN installed and configured by our fully trained and experienced engineers.



Receive official or bespoke training delivered to your requirements by our engineers.



If you don't feel comfortable conducting upgrades or lack resources, our fully trained and experienced engineers can undertake this for you.

Health Check

Review / Health Check

If you would like to review your needs and/or ensure your software is operating correctly, efficiently & securely.