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8MATE for vSphere

Security for your SharePoint.  At last.

Businesses are rapidly moving towards virtual data storage environments to gain greater efficiency and cost benefits.  Data security in the virtual storage, however, can be challenging.  There could be more than 300 different types of access rights in VMware vSphere.  Tracking each group and various group memberships to identify inaccurate access rights can be an endlessly laborious task.

8MAN for vSphere shows you: Who can do what and where? What rights are delegated to whom? Or, if a user is a member of multiple user groups, to which extent does the user have redundant access rights? It also displays who can shut it down or modify the configuration.

Target-actual comparison for added security

8MAN for vSphere shows clearly in what way a particular user has acquired a right.  Unnecessary authorisation paths and redundancies can be uncovered to secure your data against possible breaches.

Best Practices

For standard work flows (i.e.  for specific functions) the rights proposed are exactly what a user would typically need, thus preventing excessive rights from proliferating.  Best practices not only save time, they also give way to quality management.  With 8MAN’s help you can establish the least privilege rule to ensure added security of your data.

Timely detection of errors

Who has which permissions? Where? And why? Customers, partners and auditors can now see for themselves who has access to a system and in what way based on which group membership.

Efficient and standardised

8MAN for vSphere is simple.  Your admins do not require any special training to understand its features.  Several best practices are integrated in this technology, making the process of authorisation significantly faster and safer.

Professional Services

Whether you are a new or existing customer, there may be times when you need some additional support.

Our range of professional services for 8MAN include:


Installation / Configuration

Installation / Configuration

Have 8MAN installed and configured by our fully trained and experienced engineers.



Receive official or bespoke training delivered to your requirements by our engineers.



If you don't feel comfortable conducting upgrades or lack resources, our fully trained and experienced engineers can undertake this for you.

Health Check

Review / Health Check

If you would like to review your needs and/or ensure your software is operating correctly, efficiently & securely.