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November 19, 2013

Latest version of GFI MailArchiver 2013 now available

The latest version of GFI MailArchiver 2013 is now available.

GFI MailArchiver

Offering advanced archiving tools, GFI MailArchiver is designed to provide extra control, choice and flexibility over how you manage and access your company’s email history.

What’s new in GFI MailArchiver® 2013 R2?

Top new features in the release include:

  • Calendar archiving – The interface has been updated to contain a calendar view so that all your historical calendar items are visible, enabling users to manage and store important meeting information
  • GFI FaxMaker integration - Email-enabled fax messages are now clearly flagged and easy to search and retrieve
  • A new MailInsights® report: Large Emails – Administrators can detect and manage the number of large files being sent by email. This report can be helpful in identifying users who are putting stress on your email infrastructure and also identify the type of files that are sent
  • Time zone support –  Customers who have different offices in different timezones can now use the same instance of GFI MailArchiver and view the time in the correct setting based on the timezone.