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GFI Software

GFI FaxMaker 2015 SR2

Automated fax routing

GFI FaxMaker can route inbound faxes directly to users’ email, file folders or network printers based on the fax number dialed (DID or DTMF routing), the senders fax machine ID (CID routing), on the line the fax comes in on (line routing) or via the optional optical character recognition module (OCR routing).  GFI FaxMaker is also able to route all inbound faxes to a specific destination regardless of other routes, and a default route can be set up to receive faxes if no other routing rule is triggered.

 GFI FaxMaker can also archive all faxes to database and to an email address.   As most companies utilise the email to fax and fax to email functionality, email archive solutions can also retain fax and SMS communications.