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Desktop Authority Management Suite

Centralised, secure and consistent desktop management

Desktop Authority Management Suite enables administrators to proactively provision and manage the Windows user environment.  With the suite, you can easily create a secure, consistent environment for each user, and ensure that applications run with only the privileges and access needed.

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Desktop Authority Management Suite comprises two solutions: Desktop Authority and Privilege Manager.

Desktop Authority Management Suite provides Windows user environment management across:

  • Devices: Simplifies the hassle of securing devices by customising the environment at first login, configuring the firewall and managing browser security for physical, virtual and published Windows environments; centrally controls access to external devices to secure data
  • Applications: Ensures applications remain available and ready by configuring shortcuts, customising settings, maintaining access to network resources and providing only the administrative privileges needed
  • Identities: Shapes the user environment to the user identity, instantly configuring drives, printers, folders, shortcuts, Outlook profiles, administrative privileges and more, tailored to the user’s unique needs.
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Key Features

  • Feature

    Real-time targeting engine

    Tailor settings, administrative privileges and configurations by user, computer, network address or dozens of other criteria

  • Feature

    User environment configuration

    Configure access to company resources; manages security; Office and registry settings

  • Feature

    Environment Security

    Prevents desktop security problems on desktop by setting and controlling security policies and administrative privileges

  • Feature

    Remote User Support

    ExpertAssist remote management system manages more than 40 tasks without interrupting the user

  • Feature

    Powerful auditing of settings and activity

    Robust reporting audits user login and privilege activity; track changes and generate reports

Key Benefits

  • Benefit

    Customise the User Environment

    Targets, configures and manages user environment and administrative privileges on physical and virtual desktops

  • Benefit

    Simplify Windows Administration Desktop

    Centralised management makes it easy to deliver a secure and consistent user environment

  • Benefit

    Eliminate Log-in Scripting

    Eliminating script execution makes the log-in process as fast as possible for your users, ensuring their environment has the correct mix of hardware, applications and permissions

  • Benefit

    Maintain Control

    Tracks and reports on usage to ensure all computers, applications and user sessions are secure and authorised, and that users and applications only have the necessary administrative privileges

  • Benefit

    Reduce Service Requests

    Proactively manage user configurations and administrative privileges to maintain user productivity